cricket Australia plans on playing IPL 2020.

IPL 2020 looks like increasing doubt's over T 20 world cup
Cricket Australia has asked their players to plan for IPL 2020 after their tour of England
; Cricket Australia asks the player to plan for IPL 2020
: BCCI in talks with ICC regarding IPL 2020 future
: we want to host IPL2020- Sourav Ganguly
      The Indian premier league could be on track after cricket Australia had asked their players to focus on IPL2020 after their England tour.

      BCCI president Sourav Ganguly is keen on the IPL 2020 - the richest cricket tournament. However, the international cricket council is yet to make any decision on the t20 world cup, if the world cup gets cancel there is a slight window for IPL 2020.
       According to sources, many cricket boards like Srilanka and UAE have urged to host IPL. As far concerned Newzealand cricket board has also shown interest in hosting IPL this season. 
   Ganguly's statement
       "If you ask about the IPL, we don't know when that can be staged because we need to find a window for that first. The T20 World Cup is scheduled in October-November, the ICC is trying that the tournament goes ahead because it generates a lot of revenue for them. Till the time we get clear-cut directions from the ICC about the T20 World Cup, we cannot decide anything on the IPL. 
   Earlier the fate of the IPL to be decided until June or July but the condition of the pandemic in the country is not slowing down so the future depends upon the international cricket council as there is the only way if t20 world cup gets cancel.

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