Complaint filled against Virat Kohli ?

A conflict of interest complaint filed against Virat Kohli for his position  in two business ventures something has management company has termed as " absurd and entirely based on conjecture"

Complainant Sanjeev Gupta, a life member of Madhya Pradesh cricket association, wrote an email to BCCI ethics officer DK Jain and the number of BCCI officials, including Sourav Ganguly and CEO Rahul johri, arguing that Virat Kohli various posts were in violation of BCCI constitution.
Gupta had previously filled a complaint against many legends of the game like Sachin Tendulkar, VVS laxman, and Rahul Dravid but the former cricketers were eventually cleared 
His email was like : 
Shit, Virat Kohli is occupying two posts at a time in blatant violation to BCCI Rule 38 (4) approved by the Supreme Court Of India. As such, he must relinquish his one post at once in compliance. His two posts are covered as under A - 38(4)(a) - Player and B - 38(4)(o) - Contractual Entity, to be read with BCCI Rule 38(1) 
On Monday, Bunty Sajdeh, CEO of Cornerstone Sports and Entertainment Private Limited, responded with a clarification through a statement. "As a responsible agency, we once again reiterate that there is no conflict of interest with Virat or any of our other talents for that matter," Sajdeh said. "But third parties with whatever vested interests prefer to think otherwise. I request them to simply check facts before jumping to their own conclusions."
This was the Final conclusion of the conflict.

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