BBL is an Australian franchise T-20 league. BBL is known for his innovations in the game. BBL is played in neon jerseys. Neon Jersey was introduced by BBL. BBL change the typical T-20 format to the next level, it is necessary for the game?

BBL is trying to improve its package of tournament. They want to attract more audience. In a recent meeting of the BBL committee and Cricket of Australia, they change major rules in BBL. 

They make unique rules ahead of BBL 10, they change the face of typical T-20 game. The following are the new rules in BBL.

New Rules In BBL -

1. Powerplay-
 According to the new rules of bbl, powerplay split between the first 4 overs of the innings and 2 overs can be used by the batting team in any phase of the game.

2. Bonus Point -
Bonus point is available to a team depending on the number of runs scored at the 10 overs Mark.

3. Substitutions - 
Bowling team can substitute any player in any phase of the game.

4. Extra Breaks -
BBL added interval after every 5 overs of the game. BBL doing this for more advertisement and team strategies.

5. Free hit for every wide ball-
This rule is unfair for bowlers. In a typical game, no ball is given after the bowler crosses the line or height of the ball. But according to the new ordinances BBL, free hit given for every wide ball.

6. Overseas player draft-
There could be an NBA- like a draft for all  overseas player in Big Bash League.

These are the new rules of BBL. These rules are unfair to bowlers. The rule of a free hit for a wide ball is unfair to bowlers. This changes in tournament are mandatory? What are your opinions on changes in Big Bash League? Write your opinions in the comment box.

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