WWE is the largest pro-wrestling promotion in the world. WWE has about 36 million viewers in more than 150 countries. WWE introduced scripted wrestling matches, But though matches often include moves that can put the performer at risk of injury, even death, If not performed correctly. WWE superstar take a risk of their life to entertain us. WWE gives us surprised every week. There are many ups and downs come in WWE. WWE gives a push to many superstars. Every superstar makes their own fanbase. Every superstar wants to become a top WWE superstar. WWE rankings change every week. In this article, we discuss the current top 5 WWE superstars. So let's get started...


On number five, we've put 'the powerhouse' Roman Reigns. He is the currently most popular wrestler in WWE. He is a fan favorite. Currently, he is a member of the smackdown brand. After the opted out of the Wrestlemania. Roman Reigns make a great come back and dominate other wrestlers. The rivalry between Roman and Corbin has currently made some excitement for fans. In WWE super showdown Roman faced king Corbin in a steel cage match. The match is full of excitement. In the end Roman win the match by pinfall. Roman is a top superstar of smackdown currently. Currently, Roman dominating the entire smackdown. He is the current top WWE superstar.

On the fourth number, we've put Randy Orton. Randy Orton is one of the most experienced superstars in WWE. He gave some of the iconic matches in the past. He is currently part of the Raw brand. He is an unpredictable wrestler in the ring. He can turn the match at any point. He is a part of 30 man Royal Rumble Match. He performed some good moves in the ring. But unfortunately, he didn't survive for a long time. He's matched with Edge in Wrestlemania was full of excitement. Both superstars gave their 100% in that match. In the end Edge win that matches. After Wrestlemania Orton didn't appear on

On the third number, we've put "the phenomenon" AJ Styles. AJ is among the top energetic WWE superstars of all time. Styles technique has very good. He is among the most entertaining WWE superstars. He entertains fans by his high-flying moves. In a Wrestlemania, AJ Styles faced the legendary Undertaker the match was so thrilling. Both superstars entertain fans by their amazing fight. Undertaker defeats AJ Styles by pinfall in that match. After that in money in the Bank pay-per-view, AJ Styles participate, 6 man money in the Bank ladder match. The match was full of ups and downs. But in the end, Otis grabs the Money in the Bank contract. In last week smackdown styles defeat Shinsuke Nakamura by pinfall.

On number two, we've put "the kingslayer" Seth Friken Rollins. Seth Rollins currently performing for Raw brand Rollins beat Brock Lesner for universal championship. He is the only man to cash in Money in the Bank contract in the main event of Wrestlemania. He recently lost the WWE Championship match with WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. Also, he lost by Kevin Owens in WrestleMania. He is the face of Raw Brand. He knows how to come back from defeats. He is one of the strongest and popular WWE superstars. He is among the current top 5 WWE superstars. 

Currently, the top WWE superstar is a "Monster Among Man" Braun Strowman. He is a Monster in WWE. He destroys his opponent in a ring. Superstars fear to face Braun Strowman in a ring. Now he is on smackdown roaster. Currently, he is a WWE Universal Champion. Currently, he is looking undisputed. He destroyed anyone who came in his way. In the previous week, he brutely defeated The miz. He singles handily beat The miz and John Morrison. In the money in the Bank pay-per-view, he defeats his former teammate Bray Wyatt. No doubt currently he is a top WWE wrestler.

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